"As someone who meets and works with many people, my CardCloud Business Card is invaluable. I can share it with individuals and large groups easily and the Card design matches my branding beautifully."

- Kayt Raymond

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"Great networking tool and a way to keep track of your business contacts even after your company's representative has moved on. The splendid service from the company makes it even more attractive."

- Robert (Bob) Lejeune

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"My company was an early adopter of CardCloud.mobi because I immediately recognised its advantages with mobile technology.

My staff all have a cardcloud.mobi accounts. This removes the hassle of suddenly running out of traditional paper cards or forgetting to take them with you to an important meeting or networking function. Exchanging details doesn't require looking for pen or beer coaster, just use the QR reader and your done. No writing down the wrong number or having to ask how to spell a difficult name.

Changing the details on your cardcloud.mobi can be done quickly and there's no having to scrub out old phone numbers and handwriting in new ones! Your cardcloud.mobi looks and presents professionally all the time and is accessible on your mobile phone where ever you go.

Cardcloud.mobi more than compliments a business card. In time the majority of business people may find as I do that a cardcloud.mobi account is far more important asset and I now use it more than I use traditional business cards.

Unless your still using a typewriter for a computer, I highly recommend you get on board with cardcloud.mobi. You'll save on costs, time and impress a lot more people."

- Hereward Dundas-Taylor
Give Them A Go Group

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"Never run out of cards again. Convenient and easy to use and transfer. No need to carry around the old paper ones. I recommend the CardCloud for practicality & convenience."

- Eric Sward

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"I love my mobile card. It's slick, convenient and when you start using QR codes its amazing what they can do. I am also a customer of iVent Services and highly recommend them to you as well for websites and other innovations."

- Geoff Moss

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